Why You Need to Get Your Eyes Examined

Someone once said that you only have one set of eyes, so you should keep them in the best condition possible. This is so true. It's difficult to think about life without the best vision possible.

So how can you preserve the vision you have?

Have your eyes examined annually!

Some may think this is not important, reasoning that “my eyesight is fine”. But here are a few reasons why you should consider this advice and follow through on it.

For People Experiencing Medical Problems

If you are experiencing medical or health problems, i.e., elevated or high blood pressure, diabetes or are required to take medication regularly, the health of the eyes may be affected over the long term. It is possible for you to see 20/20, but also have eye disease. In some instances, blurred vision is the end result and the restoration of your vision may be beyond today's technology. Eyeglasses or contacts may not solve the issue because the cells inside the eye may be damaged.

For Working People

If you do not have your best vision you may not be performing at your best on the job. Poor vision on the job can cause many performance issues including;

1.                   tension

2.                   frustration

3.                   headaches

4.                   mistakes

5.                   accidents

and other performance issues that affect your overall standing within the workplace. Everyone must see clearly, comfortably and look attractive on the job in order to perform to your employer's satisfaction.

For Parents and Students

Studies have shown that 80% of your child's learning ability is visual. Can you believe it? That's huge!

Students may be severely challenged in this regard, and unable to express their difficulties or they may not know that they have poor vision since they have been seeing this way for an extended period of time.

Reading and mathematics are most difficult, if not impossible to learn if the student cannot see the text and/or figures clearly and comfortably.

Behavioral problems may develop such as sleeping during the reading portion of class or frequent headaches on school days may result. Misspelled words and generally poor grades may be caused by an inadequately functioning visual system.

For People Whose Family Has a History of Eye Disease

If a member of your family has an eye disease, there is the possibility that other family members (even you) will also experience the same or similar problem during your lifetime. If you are not seeing well, have watering eyes or general eye strain, do not simply blame it on "old age", seek professional help for your sight.

Enjoy life to the fullest by having the best vision possible!


If you haven't had an eye exam for more than a year, contact us today. Be certain that your vision is all that it can be.